The Value of a Model

Fully Integrated

Our 30-year record of success in this industry confirms the tremendous value in using a model that clearly describes “how we have agreed to do our work.” The models described in our New York Times bestselling books—and which form the basis for our Three Tracks To Creating Greater Accountability—are such models.

Our models offer context for coaching and feedback, provide direction to development efforts, and align personnel around executing on initiatives and optimizing performance. Ultimately, clients weave the models from all three tracks into the culture of the organization, into the very fabric of how they do business.

Down to a Science

PIL curriculum and methodology is continuously refined and advanced through empirical research like The Workplace Accountability Study, our recent, multi-year survey of over 40,000 respondents.

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When your aim is to impact every employee, whether it is 100 people or 250,000 people, the PIL Enterprise-wide License is the optimal solution for scaling the learning process. This License enables you to implement the Train. Retain. Sustain. change methodology more rapidly, efficiently, and comprehensively to create lasting impact across your entire employee population.

Our curriculum is designed with this priority—
ease in applying it to normal, day-to-day

business operations. No extra meetings, extra

reports, or extra anything—the tools and

methodologies integrate into existing routines.



The content has been applied and tested by

millions of people, from the C-suite to the

frontline workforce, in almost every industry you

can imagine. Our extensive asset library and

leading edge digital tools promote highly efficient

knowledge transfer and real-time application for

people at all levels of the organization.

Efficient Knowledge Transfer

Results-Focused. Impact-Oriented.