“Using the Accountability Sequence®, we’re able to manage our Key Expectations daily. Holding others accountable in a positive, principled way allows us to deliver on our results today and into the future.”

Kelli Valade

EVP, COO, Chili’s Bar & Grill

At perhaps the lowest point in company history, fast-casual dining leader Brinker International had no fewer than 40 key performance indicators (KPIs) across the organization. With no easy way for people at the team level to know or track what they were accountable to produce, the culture devolved into a self-described “blame game.”

With the Culture Track Training, we helped them reduce their 40 KPIs to just four Key Results and initiated top-to-bottom training around new Cultural Beliefs to support those results. Continuing with the Others Track, we equipped managers with the tools to hold others accountable to deliver on Key Expectations—enabling the new Brinker daily special: accountability. Today even the front line at your local Chili’s restaurant likely knows the organization’s four Key Results!


  Almost 20% returned to their shareholders

  Industry-leading low levels of turnover

  Industry-leading high engagement scores

  Early 2015 stock price above $60 per share (a

   15X increase over its 2009 low of $3.99/share).

Others Track



You want to energize your workforce

around key initiatives that allow them to

win and cause your organization to win.

You need people to hold others

accountable to fulfill Key Expectations

(where not delivering is not an option).

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