Self Track




Apply the

You need people to move Above The Line® and take ownership for improved results.

You want people to take personal accountability to close Accountability

Gaps related to your Key Results.

“We knew that if we got accountability right, then we’d get everything right. To get there, we had to learn to think and act differently.”


Tim Peoples

Plant Manager

The Ocean Spray plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin—responsible for over 80% of the country’s cranberry sauce production—was facing widespread problems: safety, costs, material loss, employee satisfaction, and antiquated systems.

In deploying our Self Track Training, Ocean Spray combined on-site facilitation, training workshops, integration meetings with management and labor teams, and more to infuse the principles of accountability throughout the plant.

Using a poster-sized photo of a broken-down VW bug as a metaphorical starting point, the newly promoted plant manager organized his team to gradually cover the photo with 24 puzzle pieces measuring performance—replacing the old VW with a late model Porsche.



Client success story




  Lowest costs in the plant's 45-year history

  Millions of dollars in expenses eliminated from

   operating budget

  450 days without a lost-time injury

  Huge boost in employee engagement


When plant management put the final puzzle

piece in place, the factory-floor

cheers said it all.