Partners In Leadership Trademarks

Partners In Leadership uses many words, terms, symbols, acronyms, and/or phrases to promote its proprietary products and services. The following list identifies the registered and unregistered trademarks owned by Partners In Leadership. The trademarks designated as registered are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office and might also be registered with the trademark offices of other countries. Any use of these trademarks without the written permission of Partners In Leadership is strictly prohibited.

360˚ Accountability® 
Above The Line®
Accelerating The Cultural Transition®
Accountability Attitudes®
Accountability Coaching®
Accountability Community®
Accountability Connection®
Accountability Conversation®
Accountability Dialogue®
Accountability Feedback Process®
Accountability Gap ®
Accountability Is The Answer®
Accountability Methods®
Accountability Process Control®
Accountability Reality Check®
Accountability Sequence®
Accountability Styles®
Accountability Training®
Accountability Trait ™*
Alignment Dialogue®
Alignment Meeting®
Automated Feedback®
Belief Bias™
Below The Line®
Building An Accountable Culture Track®
By When®
C2™ *
Change Narrative™
Change The Culture, Change The Game® (9, 35,41)
Change Vector™
Creating A Culture Of Accountability®
Critical Link™
Cultural Beliefs®
Culture Changing Conversations™
Cultural Transition Process®
Culture of Accountability®
Culture Track®
Do It®
Expectations Chain®
Fix It™
Focused Accountability™
Focused Feedback®
Focused Recognition™
Focused Storytelling™
FORM Checklist®
Holding Others Accountable Track®
How Did That Happen? ®
Inner Ring®
Input/Output Change Model®
Inspect What You Expect®
Journey To The Emerald City®
Key Results™ *
Key Expectations™ *
Leadership Radar®
Level Three Change®
Levels of Engagement®
LIFT Accountability Coaching Model®
LOOK Model®
Methodology For Changing Beliefs®
Other Track®
Our Mission is Your Mission™
Outer Ring®
Own It®
Oz Memo®
Oz Series®
Partners In Leadership®
Phantom Reality®
PIL University®
PL®  (Logo)
R2™ *
Reality Window®
Results Clarification Methodology ™
See It®
See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It®
Self Track®
Solve It®
Speak Right™
Steps To Accountability®
Taking Personal Accountability Track®
The 5 D’s®
The Accountability Training and Culture Change Company™
The Accountability Training & Consulting Company ®
The More You Look, The More You Learn ®
The Oz Principle®
The Results Pyramid®
Three Tracks To Creating Greater Accountability®
The Four Points of Focused Feedback®
The Wisdom of Oz™
Train.  Retain.  Sustain.®