Vince Martinez

Senior Consulting Partner

In his role as Senior Consulting Partner for Partners In Leadership, Vince Martinez brings over 25 years of experience in facilitating, culture management, and business development.


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Vince has teamed, coached and facilitated for companies across the globe and in a wide variety of industries including the manufacturing, medical, finance, Sales, non-profit, IT, and educational arenas.

During his career, he excelled in numerous roles providing him with extensive hands-on experience that allows him to relate to individuals, leadership teams and organizations in a practical and personal way. Vince has held positions in sales, marketing, IT leadership and the Learning and Development functions within numerous globally and geographically diverse organizations.

Know as a powerful and engaging facilitator and consultant, Vince possesses an expert ability to motivate, empower and produce value-added, relevant and lasting results. In his prior role with a global Fortune 1000 organization, Vince worked with senior leadership to develop and launch an industry first customer care and training program that accounted for the retention of over $88 million dollars of at risk revenue during the first year. Vince also worked with a global HR, marketing and sales team on the role out of a business specific mentoring and career development track that was developed and launched 2 months ahead of schedule and resulted in a 27% increase in employee retention. Other examples of his successes have resulted in $1.7 million dollar per year in cost savings, double digit share growth and achieved records for safety, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Vince and his wife and five children live in Southern California.

Vince has worked with well-known organizations such as Wal-Mart, AT&T, Fidelity Insurance, BAE Systems, Waste Management, Disney-ABC Televison, Edwards Life Sciences, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Southwest Airlines and many others. Vince’s experience in leading and coaching the Partners In Leadership time tested process of driving change and accountability has resulted in greatly improved outcomes and delivered results for his clients.

A sought after speaker and coach, he has worked with international audiences in Malaysia, Australia, South America, Europe and throughout the United States and Canada.

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